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Snow & Stress, Kids Allergies & Confusion, OOTW & Chicken Tortilla Pie

Happy Friday!  Blog day!  So, my week this week wasn’t much different than last week….unfortunately.  Because last week was pretty sucky.  It was two things…stressful and snowy.  Another snow day for the kids and also another delay.  Ok, mother nature….I’ve had enough of the snow!  Yesterday, my hubby was gone all day, so trying to be a good wife, I attempted to shovel the driveway so he didn’t have to do it when he got home at 7:30 or today.  I refuse to use or even learn how to use the snow blower. That thing scares the crap out of me!  Plus, snow would end up being all of the place if I used it…I just know it.  Anyways, I attempted to shovel.  It was heavy and wet and after a few minutes I starred at the huge driveway ahead of me and thought….what the heck am I doing?  Not only will I be out here for 3 hours, but I’ll kill my back!  No thank you!  So, I put the shovel down and texted a friend to come plow us out.  He’s awesome.  So reliable and was at my house within about 5 minutes.  It’s times like this that I feel so lucky to have people like that in my life.  But seriously…enough with the snow.


Now the stress part.  If you read my blog last week  you will know (sort of) why I’ve been stressed.  Unfortunately the stress continued this week.  But, I really don’t want to talk about it anymore.  I’m finally started to feel calmer and coming out of the 2 week funk.  I KNOW next week will be better…I can feel it!  What I do want to talk about is how stress affects me.  I don’t sleep.  I can’t think clearly.  I’m unproductive.  I started to get a horrible pain in my neck.  And because of all this, my workouts this week completely sucked!!!  I felt horrible at the gym.  Whereas two weeks ago, I was feeling amazing!  It’s crazy how these little things can get in the way.  It’s important that we find ways to calm ourselves down and get past it.  For me, taking a step back and just breathing.  Making sure I tell myself over and over again that its OK!  This too shall pass.  And then taking extra special care of my body.  Luckily, I already take really good care of myself.  I eat healthy and although I didn’t sleep well, I did force myself to get to bed on time and do the best I can.  There was a few times I started to feel run down like I was going to get a sore throat.  But, I’ll be damned if I let a situation like this make me sick!  I haven’t been sick this winter (or last fall) and I plan to keep it that way.  The minute I start to feel something coming on, I have my rituals and stick to them.  Want to know them?  Gargling with warm water, sea salt & vinegar.  I also make a “tea” of hot water, lemon, fresh grated ginger and raw honey.  I suck on zinc/elderberry lozenges I get at Whole Foods.  I also suck on Slippery Elm.  And I love Oscillococcinum.  Oh…and I double up on my Juice Plus, which I take daily anyways.  My whole family takes that daily and not one person has been sick yet this year!  Think it’s overkill?  Well, it’s not.  Probably 90-95% of the time when I do this ritual and stick with it, I wake up the next day totally fine.  Twice this happened to me these past 2 weeks and my body stayed strong.  Nourish it with good healthy foods and take good care of yourself, and you too can stop a cold before it fully attacks you.


Ok, so I got a call from my kids allergist yesterday (one of the nursers).  I brought them to see a new one because I haven’t been pleased with who they’ve been seeing in the past.  Emma had one reaction to a cookie with pecans and hazelnuts in it 4 years ago.  We then had her tested and was told she should never eat a tree nut or peanut ever again.  Mind you…up until that day, she was having almonds, cashews and peanuts/peanut butter all the time!  Never had a reaction.  We also had Kyle tested and was told the same thing and Kyle never even had a reaction.  But, Kyle had belly issues and came up positive to things like tomatoes, corn, wheat, soy and coconut.  We took Kyle off those foods for a year, then added them back in and he hasn’t had an issue since.  We do know if he overloads on wheat, he does get sick.  He doesn’t completely stay away from it, but if we have a healthy balance with gluten-free foods, he’s fine.

Anyways, I had them both re-tested.  Here is why I am still so confused with these tests and don’t completely believe in them.  Emma came back as the nurse said “off the charts” on nuts.  Ok…that might have been an intense on her part.  She scored high in hazelnuts, pecans and walnuts (class 3 & 4), but not as high in cashews and almonds and peanuts (class 1 & 2).  Kyle scored high (class 3 & 4) in walnuts, peanuts, wheat, corn, sesame, tomato and low (class 2) in almond.  Emma has stayed completely away from tree nuts and peanuts since that reaction.  Kyle on other hand stayed away for a year, then added back in with no problem (not the nuts).  Peanuts for him was a class 3, but he eats peanut butter almost every day with no problem.  Tomatoes for Kyle is a class 3 and he literally eats a package of tomatoes daily with no problem.  So my question is….how can I assume that Emma won’t be fine eating peanut butter that was only class 2 or cashews that was only class 1?  IT’S SO FRUSTRATING!  Emma wants to eat peanut butter again and cashews.  How can I tell her not to try it if Kyle eats stuff all the time with no reaction that he’s categorized in class 3!!!  It’s very hard.  I got off the phone even more confused than before and still with no answers as to whether we can start to have her try it.  Unfortunately, the doctor is away until next week, so I have to wait to chat with him about it.  So, stay tuned.  If anyone reading this has any insight I’d love to hear!  I’m not a doctor…but I have a very hard time believing these tests.  I know there’s many children out there with severe nut allergies.  And I 100% get that they are out there and very scary.  But, for some reason I feel it’s just not the case with my kids.  The whole thing baffles me. By the way…if food was just made from real food and not processed crap, we probably wouldn’t be having these issues at all.  But, thats for another day 🙂  Have you ever seen a pic of my kids?  This was them on the first day of school (8th for Emma & 6th for Kyle).


So, truth be told….I only got dressed in non-gym clothes once this week…LOL!  It’s winter.  I feel like I’m hibernating.  I just want to be warm and cozy all the time!  But…I had a parent meeting at the high school on Wednesday night for parents of incoming freshman in the fall.  First of all…how am I old enough to have a child going to high school????  How did this happen?  My baby girl is grown up and it’s so scary.  Good thing I don’t feel old 😉  Back to clothes.  So, I thought it was only appropriate to actually be showered and in real clothes…LOL!  But…still comfy.  Some people love flannel…some people hate it.  I’m a flannel lover.  It’s my UNH background.  It’s all I wore in college.  Flannels and baggy jeans.  I wore my clothes so big…what was I thinking?  Anyways, I do love JCrew flannels…I have bunch and I love each one.  Cute with jeans and sometime I pair it with a fancy necklace, but not this night.  I did wear heels!!!  Which is pretty unheard of for me…LOL!  I hate heels.  Oh hey….did you notice I fixed my bed this time?? 🙂


On to food!  So, if you read my post earlier in the week, I decided to surprise Scott with a Valentines Day dinner (the day before because he wasn’t going to be home for dinner on Valentines Day).  We used to make this dish called Tortilla Torta all the time.  He LOVED it.  And wanted to eat it all the time…and we did.  But, I stopped.  I stopped because of the corn tortillas that hurt my belly.  And the yogurt and heavy cream that also hurt my belly.  We couldn’t eat it again and I hadn’t made it in probably 10 years.  So, I decided to try “paleofy” it.  The result??  It didn’t disappoint!  Even better?  The leftovers were soooo good.  There was plenty left for the 2 of us.  If you’re feeding more than 2, you may not have leftovers 😉  Let me know if you make it and how you like it!



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Chicken Tortilla Pie
Chicken Tortilla Pie
Course Dinner
3-4 people
Course Dinner
3-4 people
Chicken Tortilla Pie
  1. Preheat the oven to 400 degrees.
  2. Mix together the coconut milk and sour cream in a bowl.
  3. Coat an 8" round baking or pie dish with coconut oil or olive oil cooking spray.
  4. Take 2 tortillas and place on the bottom of the dish.
  5. First, top with 1/2 of the chicken. Then evenly pour 3/4 cup of the sour cream/coconut milk mixture on top. Then add 1/2 cup salsa, 1/4 cup of the diced green chilis, and 1/4 cup diced paleo cheese.
  6. Top with 3 more tortillas. These will overlap a bit. Then layer again. The rest of the chicken, 3/4 cup of the sour cream/coconut milk mixture, 1/2 cup salsa, 1/4 cup diced green chilis, and 1/4 cup diced paleo cheese.
  7. Finally, place the last 3 tortillas on top and top with the remaining 1/4 cup paleo cheese.
  8. Cover the dish with foil and bake for 20 minutes. Remove the foil and bake for about another five minutes or until the cheese starts to brown a bit.
  9. Let sit for a few minutes to set, then slice and serve.
  10. **This will be liquidy. Just grab a big spoon scoop it all out.
  11. Top with chopped cilantro.
  12. Enjoy!
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Paleo cheese & sour cream can be found HERE

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