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Happy Friday!  Blog day…yay!  Oh boy….what do I want to talk about first from this past week?  Lots happened…good and bad.  But, I have to say, it was a pretty emotionally exhausting week.  I’ll get into it a bit, but probably not too many details.  First off…last weekend.  Patriots won the superbowl!  How about that game?  We started off at a friends house, but since it seemed like a flop, we left around 9:30 because the kids had school the next day, Scott had to get up early and it just didn’t seem worth staying up.  So, we got home, unpacked our stuff and headed up to bed.  Scott threw on the TV and we couldn’t believe what we saw!  This kids came in and we all cuddled up on our bed to watch.  Once they went into overtime, we decided we needed to head back downstairs to watch on the bigger TV…LOL!  So glad we did.  It was pretty awesome…the four of us being together on the couch witnessing a historical, epic game like that.  I’m glad we left the party and headed home and spent that special time together.  For sure a game we will not forget.


I was tired Monday, for sure.  Dragging from only 5 hours of sleep.  I need my 7!  But, I was too awake the night before to fall asleep quickly.  So, I dreamed of bed from the second I woke up.  I did make it to the gym and glad I did.  After the gym, I had what I thought was going to be my LAST Advanced Allergy Therapeutic session.  I went to just make sure everything had cleared, but nope!  Wheat did not clear.  So, we had to treat some components of wheat again.  Wheat’s a tough one for me, but I know for a fact my body hates it.  As I mentioned before, just because I’m being treated for it does not mean I’ll be adding it back into my “diet”.  What this does for me is allow my body to not have a crazy reaction if for some reason it sneaks into my body or I choose to have a little when I got out.  Anyways, we treated it again and I had a session set up for yesterday to check that it all cleared, but I cancelled it due to the snow.  So, Monday I go back and fingers crossed it’ll be my last one for a while :).  Although…I do enjoy going, so I will miss it a little 😉


So, Tuesday was kind of cool.  The kids had a snow day (one of two this week), so we spent the day at home just catching up on stuff.  I actually never want snow days because I don’t like a shortened summer, but I had a pretty miserable few days from an incident over the weekend, so I felt like I needed a snow day.  It was nice to just relax and sleep in and be home with my kids.  In the afternoon, I got to have an Animal Communication Session.  I’ve talked about these before and continue to have them when the opportunity arises.  This time, I had the intuitive communicate with Jasper.  I’ve communicated with him before and learned a lot, but I also learned some new things this time around.  He actually seemed very calm for her, which is not like Jasper at all…LOL!  Japers is pretty hyper and loves to play.  He also loves to destroy any toy he comes in contact with.  What I learned is that Japer just wants more attention and activity.  He tries to be a good boy, but is looking for a good time and will take any attention he can get.  He knows he shouldn’t do the things he does, but he actually can’t help himself because he doesn’t know what to do to keep himself occupied.  Not that he needs to run around more, because he does have free reign of the yard and is always leash free.  But, he needs to have his mind engaged more.  He wants to show me he can do more and that he can listen and be a good boy.  She recommended maybe getting him to learn tricks and saw not only that it would be fun for him, but also for me!  Why fun for me?  Because Jasper wants me to relax more.  Do less work.  Give myself more ME time.  I have a very hard time with this and I’ve discussed with with you guys before.  One of my new years goals was to give myself 15 minutes a day to just do nothing.  Well…it hasn’t happened yet!  I just can’t seem to find the time.  But what Jasper says is that working with him will take me away from my work and help both of us.  Makes sense right???  So, that I will try to do 🙂

How cute is Japer here with his little snow beard???


I was able to ask one question at the end about anything I wanted and I asked about his relationship with my other dog, Zoe.  She’s a princess and can definitely get moody.  She’s much more relaxed than Japer.  When the intuitive asked Jasper, he said he wishes Zoe would play more with him 🙁  He just doesn’t know how to reach her.  He’s not bothered by it and likes her, but just wishes she would do more.  He does know she gets annoyed with him, but gets excited at any possible attention he gives her.  I found this so true.  Sometimes Zoe will go up to Japer lying down and just lick his collar.  He just lies there and seems so content and happy.  He must love that little bit of attention she gives him.  If the tables were turned?  Zoe would be growling the heck at Japer…LOL!  I just love the two of them.  They are so different…so unique in their own ways.  I’m lucky to have them in my life.  Next…I’m hoping at some point I can do a session where I can communicate with both of them to see how their relationship can be better.  Stay tuned 🙂

Here’s a good example of their relationships…LOL:


So, before I get into this week’s food, let’s chat a bit about why my week sucked.  I won’t go into details, but an incident occurred between friends.  I was pretty blind-sided by some words said to me.  Do you ever think that all good in the world and then all of sudden you’re told it’s not and you have no idea why or what they are talking about?  Its like being in the twilight zone.  Yeah…that happened this week.  I shake my head at these things now.  Is it sad?  Sure.  But, I’ve learned that it’s not worth letting situations like this eat me up for a long period of time.  I spent days this week “thinking” about what happened and what may have happened in the past.  And you know what I came up with?  NOTHING!  I didn’t do anything.  Sometimes people change and have their own set of issues going on.  And sometimes they decide to take them out on you.  What I’ve learned is that it’s not worth it.  Everything happens for a reason.  People come in out and out of our lives so much.  They may stay for a short time, a long time, or forever.  But, when they leave, it was for a reason.  If I can’t be ME, then is that a true friendship?  Some deep thoughts to mull over this week.  The good news is that stuff like this doesn’t happen often.  When it does…it really sucks.  And you just have to keep reminding yourself that everything turns out the way it supposed to.  Even if it doesn’t seem like it at the time.  There’s a purpose to everything.

FullSizeRender 3

Oh hey…no Outfit of the Week this week.  Why?  2 snow days, and lots of gym/yoga pant/sweatpant days.  LOL!  I’m not complaining.

Ok…on to food!!!  So, since Valentines Day is approaching, I thought it would be appropriate to post a chocolate dessert.  I mean, come on….don’t give me flowers for Valentines Day…just give me chocolate!  Truth be told…I love to have a little chocolate after dinner to “cleanse my palate”, so I’m always looking for healthier versions.  This recipe use Otto’s Cassava Flour.  I wanted to make it nut free so my kids could eat it.  They are not super sweet, so if you like super sweet, you may not like these.  These are dark chocolate brownies and if you omit the baking soda, they come out super fudgy.  If you like a little more cake-like, then add the baking soda.  I made these in an 8×8 pan and they were really thick!  Probably would have been better in a 9×9, but I don’t have one of those ;).  If you decide to make them in a 9×13, they will be much thinner and won’t need to bake as long.  The Cassava Flour can be found online here: HERE or HERE FOR AMAZON.  It’s been awesome having this flour available for a nut-free option.  If you can’t get a hold of this, you can use Bob’s Red Mill One-to-One Flour and use the same amount.  Cooking time should be around the same, so just check it.  I lined my baking pan with parchment paper so I could easily pull out the brownies and use cookie cutters for cute heart shapes.  But, feel free to just bake in the pan and cut into squares.  As I mentioned in the recipe, you can freeze these and eat them right from the freezer.  I think they are even better that way!  Plus…you kind of forget they are in the freezer and you won’t munch on the whole pan at once 😉



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Fudgy Brownies
Fudgy Brownies
Course Dessert
Course Dessert
Fudgy Brownies
  1. In the pot of a double boiler, melt the butter and unsweetened chocolate until completely combined. Remove from the heat and let sit for a few minutes to cool slightly.
  2. While the butter/chocolate mixture is cooling, combine in a large bowl the cassava flour, sea salt, baking soda (if using), and chocolate chips.
  3. Add to the butter/chocolate mixture, the honey, eggs, and vanilla. Use a whisk to combine well.
  4. Add the wet ingredients to the dry ingredients and mix until combined.
  5. Line an 8x8 or 9x9 brownie pan with parchment paper (if you plan on using cookie cutters for shapes). Otherwise, just grease the pan with coconut oil cooking spray or olive oil cooking spray.
  6. Bake the brownies for 30-35 minutes. A toothpick should come out clean if inserted in the middle.
  7. Cool completely before cutting. If using cookie cutters, remove the brownies from the pan by lifting the parchment paper from the pan. Let cool completely, then use cutters of any shape.
  8. PS. These freeze really well and tasty extra yummy right out of the freezer!
  9. Enjoy!
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