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It’s Been a While, My Trip to Indy, Family Update & Chocolate Zucchini Bread Smoothie Bowl

Well, HELLO!!!!!  It’s been a while…I know.  Why is it I have found it so hard to sit down and write?  Ok, I know why.  I haven’t had my shit together.  Plain and simple.  I’m no perfect mama.  And ok…maybe I got a little lazy with it.  Maybe not lazy…because I’ve been busy doing other things.  But, I found excuses not to do it.  Maybe I wasn’t inspired?  Maybe I didn’t know what to write about?  But, then I realized….I was all of a sudden trying to find the right thing to write about when all I really had to to was sit down and write.  Like I’m doing now.  I lost myself for a while there in the thought that what I was writing about had to be well thought out…when all the while, when you do that, it’s not real.  What’s real is what comes from the heart at the time you’re writing.  And as I sit here…on an airplane, btw….I realize how much I miss writing to you guys weekly.  I miss sharing my excitements.  I miss sharing my struggles.  I miss sharing pictures of my dogs…LOL!  I just miss being able to let it all out and share.  Sharing is caring, right?  Maybe you’re therapy for me?  I don’t know.  But, it certainly feels good when I write.  So, I’m going with it.  I told myself I’d get back to blogging in October and I’m cutting it close, so here we go!  I keep promising recipes of things you see me make on Instagram & Facebook and I haven’t been delivering!  Time to keep my promises.


But, before we get into the recipe, I did want to share some of my excitement.  I’m sitting on a plane because I’m heading home from 4 days in Indianapolis at the Juice Plus conference.  Words can not describe this weekend.  I’m kind of speechless when it comes to expressing how full my heart is after spending a weekend with my “juicy tribe”.  I feel uplifted.  I feel positive.  I feel loved.  I feel motivated.  I feel grateful.  I feel unstoppable.  It’s been been said to me so many times and I never quite understood it until recently.  I’ve spent the last year going through a personal development course that’s been disguised as a business.  The growth I’ve had this past year has been huge.  I’m doing things I never thought I’d do.  I’m putting myself out there in a way I never thought possible.  I’m dreaming big.  I’m braver.  I’m more confident.  And most importantly???  I’m HAPPY!  I love what I do.  I love what I can…no WILL be doing.  My moods and outlook on life have shifted.  How in the world can an at-home business I have do all that?  Well…it did.  Why?  Because I’m surrounded by like-minded people.  Other positive people who also dream big, cheer each other on, help each other reach their goals, support each other.  When you find your “tribe”, amazing things start happen.  As I sit on this plane and head home, I’m so beyond grateful.  Grateful that I was introduced to a product that has improved my health and well-being.  Grateful that I said YES to this business that continues to provide so many positives to my life….health, happiness, friends, time freedom, purpose and wealth.  Most of all, I’m grateful that I get to significantly impact the health of people on a daily basis. 


So, what are the things I learned at this conference you ask?  I thought instead of getting into all the nitty gritty about detail, I would share some of my favorite quotes of the weekend.  I hope some of these touch your heart as much as they touched mine.  So, here we go (in no specific order because they are all equally important). 

  • Without a vision, people perish
  • Simple changes can cause dramatic changes in our health
  • We don’t live in a world thats vitamin deficient.  We live in a world that’s whole food deficient.
  • It’s not about being perfect.  Hard work and love go a long way.
  • Be relentless in the pursuit of your dreams and light them on fire.
  • Enrich, empower, and validate relationships.
  • You are the only YOU you will ever be.
  • There’s a direct link between disease and whole food nutrition.
  • Food is medicine.
  • Personal growth and development is an unexpected gift.
  • Be who you were created to be and you will set the world on fire.
  • Live in a way that blesses someone else.
  • Generosity is contagious.
  • The key to living is giving.
  • Our cells are designed for LIFE.  A life to be vibrant and alive.
  • Before you can receive, you must first give.
  • You don’t have a problem to solve…you have a decision to make.
  • Success without fulfillment is the ultimate failure.
  • Always show up as a better version of YOU.

And last….

The best times are ahead of us…not behind us.

Did any of those resonate with you?  I could go into detail about all of them, but I won’t.  I think it’s more powerful to just read them and think.  Take a moment and think about how these apply to you.  And I’m just going to leave it all right there and move on past the conference talk.


Why move on?  Because I know you’re dying to hear about my family life, right?  LOL!  Want to know what we’ve been up to?  Well…I feel like we are finally settled into the school year and we are in the thick of the craziness of our schedules.  Did you see I made myself a block schedule?  It has been working amazing!  As busy as we are, I’ve finally found time to SIT.  Do you know how exciting it is for me to just SIT?  I feel like it’s been years since i found time to sit at night and just unwind and relax before bed.  And I’m loving it.  Again…I’m not perfect.  Some nights I do still find myself working late…it happens.  But, I’m better.  Progress!!  So yes…in the thick of it all.  For Emma…dance, choir, and theater and for Kyle…crossfit, golf and chorus and soon to be skiing.  You know what I love though?  Nothing my kids do are weekend activities.  We have our weekends to chill and relax as a family.  One of our most recent weekend activities?  We tagged our Christmas Tree!  It seems crazy to pick out a tree in October, but it’s become tradition and one I love.  It’s supposed to be fun…but usually turns out a bit stressful because I have a hard time making a decision on the “perfect” tree.  But, guess what?  This year, I picked out the tree in about 10 minutes.  Why?  Because it didn’t need to be perfect.  No matter what tree we got, we would make it beautiful and it would be ours.  So, we picked the first one we thought would work, decorated it and left.  Ok…so leading up to it was a bit stressful, but we survived. My kids are already getting excited for all the holiday coming up.  How in the world does it come so quick?  I do love Christmas, but I’m not quite ready yet…LOL!


Should we go back to Outfits of the Week (OOTW)???  Sure!  Why not.  I’m still loving getting my Stichfix boxes and got some really cute things this summer.  But, I also love Francesca’s.  Anyone else shop there?  Especially for dresses.  They are adorable, comfortable and affordable!  This is my latest favorite.  I wore it to church this past Sunday, but it’s also cute for a casual event or dinner.  I may be going back to see if it comes in other colors.


And last…I know you wanted an updated photo of my dogs (Zoe & Jasper), right?  They both got groomed recently while I was in Indy.  My hubby, Scott, sent me this pic of them.  I mean…come on.  Can you even stand the cuteness??? 


Ok…on to the recipe!  So many of you have watched me make smoothies and smoothie bowls.    They are sooooo yum!  But smoothie bowls?  They are like heaven!  If you love soft serve ice cream like I do, you will love this.  The best part?  There’s nothing bad in them!  Only healthy ingredients and a protein that’s packed with tons of fruits, veggies, and superfoods.  What I love about the Juice Plus complete protein is that it can be used as a snack or a meal and it’s clean!  Having these accessible to me has been life changing.  It’s a quick and easy go-to for when I need it.  No…I’m not telling you not to eat food and to have these instead.  Always fuel your body with real food.  But, let’s be real.  We are all busy people and sometimes you just don’t have the time to cook.  Or sometimes you get home late and don’t want to eat a big meal late.  Rather than reaching for bad food or snacks, I go to this and I can feel good about what I’m doing.  And let’s be real again…who doesn’t enjoy an ice cream sundae for dinner???  Enjoy the recipe and let me know if you make it!  And if you ever want to try the Complete protein powder just send me a message and I can mail you some samples.


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Chocolate Zucchini Bread Smoothie Bowl
Chocolate Zucchini Bread Smoothie Bowl
Course Smoothie
1 person
Course Smoothie
1 person
Chocolate Zucchini Bread Smoothie Bowl
  1. Blend in a blender, bullet or vitamix. I find a vitamix works best as you have the wand to help in the mixing. The consistency should be so thick that it does not pour out if you tip your blender upside down 🙂
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