“I absolutely love them (Juice Plus+)! Down to one cup of coffee a day instead of two, less sugar cravings, and I don’t snack as much! My daughter loves hers too! She spent the first few days in the bathroom often, but I told her that was a good thing! She also has less sugar cravings. Thank you so much!”


“Soo, as you know, for me it’s not all about weight loss. I want to eat well to FEEL well. Buuut it is also good to drop some lbs in the process. ☺️ Welp, after my two weeks away plus a long weekend away cheering on our friends at Regionals, I am down 3.5 lbs! I could hardly believe it at first but then I remembered that it wasn’t some miracle that made those pounds disappear, it was my CHOICES during those few weeks. I had plenty of opportunity to choose foods and drinks that may have made me feel good for a minute but I would have regretted the next day or two. Everyday I had energy and drive to work, workout, and have a little fun too. And I never felt deprived. Bonus!! Thank you for your help with this process. Sometimes you know the right thing to do but it’s hard to follow through when no one is there cheering you on and holding you accountable. Saturday is my birthday. I’ll be 35 years old and I FEEL better than I have in my whole life. ? I’m ready for another blue folder when you have time. ?”


“I have recently been thinking about how 3 years ago you convinced (friend) and I to do our first Whole 30. It changed my life! And now my husband is on board and he has lost 30 pounds by changing his ways! Even my 14 year old has adopted much healthier eating and I was able figure out what foods were causing her acne/inflammation because of everything I’ve learned from you! She is feeling so much better and at such a young age is learning what foods her body cannot tolerate. If I had never met you I do not know where I would be… So thank you for educating and inspiring so many to live a healthy and happy lifestyle! You make a difference and it is much appreciated!”


“Ummmm, I have a serious problem!!! None of my pants fit anymore. I mean not just a little not fitting – falling off not fitting! Is that a bad problem to have? Not sure LOL….I’m eating more food than I ever have, just the right food. Weight was all around the waist. Looks like I need to go shopping. Lol!”


“I did it!!!! I’m going to pretend like today is no different. Lost 9 pounds total. I feel great. Even getting my family to make healthier choices. I accomplished my goals. Thanks for all of your support. I really appreciate all you have done to help me achieve this goal.”


“I’m almost half way! So far so good. It’s not as hard as I thought it would be . I even survived my first work event last night. I stayed compliant with my whole meal. I was pretty proud of myself. Getting easier every day. I’m not craving sugar like I thought I would be. I also dropped 6 pounds! So far so good!”


“Happy Saturday! I wanted to let you know that after three weeks of having the right kind of protein shake and eating clean almost all of the time I am down 6.2 pounds! And better than the weight-loss I feel better than I ever have that bloating feeling that I used to have is completely gone and I have crazy energy!! Thanks for helping get me on the right track! Love you ?