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Happy Friday!!!  It’s been an awesome week.  So much fun.  So much positivity, and so many good things happening.  I’ll start off with last weekend, first.  Sunday night, we got to head out for the evening to celebrate Crossfit Free’s 5th year Anniversary.  5 years for them means almost 5 years for us as members.  Actually, my son Kyle joined there exactly 5 years ago…before my husband Scott and I did.  He was only 7!  Yikes!  Time flies.  He would go twice a week and each time I would go, I would sit on the sidelines, barely speaking to anyone, and just watched.  I was certainly intimidated a bit by the whole atmosphere.  At the time I was teaching Pilates and had been for 5 years.  It’s all I did and all I knew.  None of this weightlifting stuff or burpees or pullups….NO THANK YOU!  As the weeks went on, the owner, Brandon, would ask when I was going to join a class.  And each week, it was the same answer…NEVER!  He intimidated me, too…LOL!  I think I was scared of everyone there.  But, sending Kyle seemed like the right thing to do….to get him into something that allowed him to be active, challenge himself, and mostly to work on his confidence.  Hmmmmm…and I was sitting there intimidated?  Maybe I needed to go there for the same thing.

Fast forward 4 months, and Brandon continued to ask each class.  And I finally gave in.  Actually, I started to become a bit jealous of Kyle.  He was doing all these fun things, like climbing ropes, working on handstands, box jumps.  At that time, there was no weightlifting for him.  It just looked FUN.  So, I talked Scott into trying it with me, and went together.  Brandon was our coach that day, and immediately, we were hooked.  No looking back, we signed up and started going.  3x a week for me turned into 4x a week, then eventually 5x a week.  Then that turned into heading into open gym on Sundays to work on getting better at things I couldn’t do.  Then that turned into more friendships gained, more community outings to attend.  Then that turned into the coaches there feeling like family to me.  Then that turned into me working there.  And more lifelong friendships created.  Meeting new amazing people.  But, you want to know what this all really turned into?  Me becoming more active…even more devoted to my health.  It allowed me to challenge myself and get out of my comfort zone.  It pushed me to be a better person.  I’ve gained so much confidence since then.  Not just in the gym…but in life…home, work, all aspects of life.  I’m just a better person all around.  I owe it all to walking through those doors with Kyle in January of 2012.  I owe to the coaches for pushing me until I finally went, then continuing to push me until I believed in myself.  I’m most certainly a new person since then.  Heading into that gym 4-5 days a week is a constant reminder of how far I’ve come…and how far I can go.  And I am grateful for that…always.

PS….Kyle still attends to this day and never stopped.  He’s now in the teen class and goes 3 days a week.  His coaches, Justin & Chase, have the same impact on him that they all do on me.  They believe in him and they don’t give up on him.  It’s been quite the challenge for Kyle, but he now wants to go each day.  He gets excited to challenge himself.  He can do pullups and things he could never do before.  He’s lifting and becoming stronger…body and mind.  I love to watch it unravel.


Since I started this whole subject because we had the celebration party, I thought I’d share what I wore as this weeks Outfit of the Week.  And well…quite frankly, I pretty much spent the rest of my week in workout clothes…LOL!  Nothing to really get dressed for.  But….I LOVE this dress I wore.  Sure, it’s cute.  But more importantly…it’s COMFY.  Literally feels like I’m wearing silky pajamas…LOL!  That my kind of dress.  I got this cute number in a little shop when I was away in Hawaii over the holidays.  Actually I got a bunch of cute things there.  2 dresses, 3 tops and a pair of shoes!  Oospie.  But hey…the stuff wasn’t expensive.  This dress was $30.  I love a bargain!  I do wish i took a pic of the back of it.  It criss-crosses and ties really cute. 🙂 Oh…and Scott didn’t look half bad either.  I picked out this blazer for him a while back from Banana Republic.  I fell in love with it because it was a little different.  It’s always nice to get fancied up every once in a while.  Maybe I should’ve worn heels, but I just can’t get myself to be uncomfortable knowing I’ll be standing all night.  Oh well!  Love me my black boots!  And please note, that this pic was not taken in front of my unmade bed…as it usually is 😉


So, as I said a the beginning of this post, it’s been a good week.  Lots of positive things happening.  Instead of getting into depth of all of them, because that may bore you, I thought hey…I’ll just share them all quickly, so you know why I’ve been in such a good mood this week.  I am working on finding “positives” in each day to realize how grateful and lucky I am.  Well, this week was easy.  So, here we go.  Good week at the gym…felt good in my workouts.  Snow day Tuesday meant an unexpected relaxing day AND Scott ended up working from home (always a bonus).  Many texts and FB messages from clients who are feeling healthier and  happier by eating clean and/or adding Juice Plus their daily routine.  Oh…new Shred10 group started and they are doing amazing already!  Great things happening in my business this week!  AND….Some friends had awesome things happening in their businesses this week, which in turn made me soooooo happy for them!  I had a hair cut and color (always a good thing 😉 ).  Two more Allergy treatments done and my belly has been so much better this week.  And last?  My daughter Emma said Wednesday was the best day of her entire life when she found out she gets to do a solo hip hop routine for competition this year.  She actually cried of joy when she found out.  I call that a good week, don’t you??  Let’s hope this streak continues…LOL!


I was back doing my Advanced Allergy Therapeutics this week!  Not much to go and I should be done…for now, at least.  On Tuesday, I found out I finally cleared on nuts (particularly almonds and cashews), so we were able to move onto something else.  My belly still hadn’t felt fantastic.  Again, I came up positive to gluten, dairy, sugar and many others, but I stay away from those, so I didn’t understand it.  I questioned the meat I was eating.  I questioned chocolate.  Neither of those tested positive.  Then Dr. Holly says to me, “Well, we haven’t hit honey yet.  Remember you came up positive for honey and we had to do it separate from all the other sugars?”.  Ummmm…oops!  Yeah…I remembered that.  But, in my head, honey was not “bad”.  And well…it’s not.  But my body has tagged it as bad.  And not only have I been eating it, but I realized I was literally eating it daily.  A scoop in tea.  I chew on honey comb before bed.  I rarely make baked goods, but it’s in baked goods I’ve made.  I hadn’t been staying away from it at all!  So, on Tuesday, we treated honey.  I’ve stayed away since, but plan on trying it again today.  We will see.  I can’t live without honey…LOL!  I went back yesterday and we treated corn.  Now, I know for a fact my body doesn’t like corn.  I don’t eat it often, but when I do…ugh…belly issues for DAYS!  But, it would be nice to be able to have popcorn every once in a while.  Or even fresh farm corn during the summer.  THAT I miss.  We will see how my body takes to it.  I won’t try it until I make sure next week it cleared.   Only 2 more appts to go!


Ok…time for food!  So, life is busy.  And I realized I need to use my crockpot more.  But, I still wanted to be able to meal prep.  So, I started investigating some freezable crockpot meals.  I’ve seen a ton and never really got into it.  More so because I feel like every time I make something in the crockpot that’s not BBQ Pulled Pork, Soup, or Meatballs, it’s not good.  I found a bunch, but they either didn’t appeal to me or weren’t Paleo/Clean.  So, I grabbed a few and decided to tweak them and give them a try.  The result??  Yumminess!  Well….let me explain this.  The pork was super yummy.  Was psyched to have leftovers and this will definitely be something I make again.  The chicken?  Well…it was good.  Very tasty.  But, I have an issue and always have with chicken the crockpot.  I don’t LOVE it.  But, there’s so many recipes for chicken out there in the crockpot, so maybe it’s just me??  I used thighs in this recipe and it was definitely less dry.  But, still not my fav.  I’m including this recipe because who knows?  You may love it!  Again, I did like the flavor.

First….below is the pic I took of my assembly.  Once I had shopped for all the ingredients, it took me about 15 minutes to assemble these two zip lock bags.  Best part is there’s no having to pre-cook or saute anything.  Just throw all the ingredients in the bag and freeze.


These baggies went into the freezer.  The day before I wanted to make them, I took them out to thaw on a dish on my counter.  Once thawed, I put the bag in a bowl in my fridge overnight (just in case anything decided to leak out).  Next morning, opened the bag and poured it all into the crockpot. Turned it on…and done!  “Set it and forget it!!”.  So easy.  No prep the morning of.  Just throw it in and go!  Both take about 8 hours on low, so it worked perfect to have them ready just in time for dinner.  Now…I’m on a mission for more!  These are also great to put together for friends or families you might want to make dinners for.  Easy for you to assemble, no cooking involved, and easy for them, too (just make sure they have a crockpot…LOL!).  Enjoy!

My daughter loved this Pork!  She has to actually eat dinner in the car twice a week because she goes from school to drama to dance and home at 8:30.  She actually asked for this as one of her car dinners 🙂

Cranberry-Mustard Pork Roast
3 pounds pork tenderloin
2 cups frozen cranberries
½ cup orange juice concentrate (be sure ingredients are oranges only)
1 tablespoon dijon mustard
1 onion, diced
1/2 tablespoon salt
1 teaspoon black pepper

Cook Time: 8 hours on low


For the chicken recipe, I served it on top of Cauliflower Rice, which was yum.

Teriyaki Chicken
2 pounds boneless skinless chicken thighs
½ cup coconut aminos
¼ cup coconut vinegar (or cider)
¼ cup REAL maple syrup
3 cups fresh cut pineapple chunks
4 cloves garlic, minced

Cook Time: 8 hours on low