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Being Healthy Is So Much More Than Losing Weight!

Being healthy is so much more than losing weight ?. It’s about being healthy inside and out. I’m absolutely loving that I have added Juice Plus+ into my daily routine ☀️. Yes…I eat very healthy already. BUT…I know I don’t get the recommended 7-12 servings of fruits and veggies daily ????????. These help bridge the gap between what I do eat and what I should eat. So far…my belly is so much better (more regularity)??, and I’ve got a truck load more energy ??. My body automatically wakes up at 6am every day ready to go…with no crashing ? during the day. I’m also finding I focus a lot more ?. I’ve even been told they help eliminate a hangover…but I haven’t tested that one out personally yet. ???
September is right around the corner, which means kids are back to school ?, fall ? to winter ☃…and more colds and flu’s ?. These servings of 30 different fruits and veggies will help keep my immune system up so I can stay healthy! Plus, my kids get these benefits too, which is even better ?. #
The best part? It’s #wholefoodnutrition. They are#plantbased #organic #100%bioavailable#chemicalfree #glutenfree #nongmo #nowheat#nodairy #noeggs #nocaffeine #noherbs#noartificialcoloring #nopreservatives. They are very clean! And because this is real food, you can take extra if you feel something coming on…or if you’re traveling. It’s not a vitamin or supplement that comes with a warning.
If you’d like more info on these, comment here and I’ll send you info or DM me. ☺️. Nourish your body at the cellular level.