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Prep Your Greens!

Do you prep your veggies (especially greens) when you get home from the grocery store?…or CSA pickup in this case ☺️. When you take the time to prep, your greens will last so much longer! My lettuce and kale and other greens last well over a week in my fridge. Take your greens off the stems, wash and put through the salad spinner. Same with your lettuce…separate the leaves, clean and spin. Wash your herbs and spin. Put them all in zip lock bags lined with paper towels and label so you know what’s in there. It’s a life saver! And even better?? It’s all ready to use when you need it! I also take things like beets and radishes off the stems and wash them. No one wants to deal with that later, so get it done all at once. You will be happy you did.