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Let’s Eat Intuitively

Looking to transition into a healthier lifestyle and need support? A good friend taught me about intuitive eating. And I realized I have been eating this way for years! I eat food that makes me feel good…food that makes me feel healthy and strong. It’s not always about one diet or one lifestyle. It’s about finding what works for “you”. Every “body” is different and I truly believe there is no one magic answer.

Its also not always about losing weight either. Its about how food makes you feel. Does it give you energy and health? Or does it make you feel tired? Maybe moody? Bloated? Upset belly? Maybe you don’t sleep well. Or maybe you’ve been suffering from inflammation. Believe it or not, food has an impact on all of this. I’ve learned over many years that food affects me in so many ways. And I’m still to this day learning and tweaking how I eat. But one thing I can say holds true no matter what…it’s a no brainier for everyone. “Real” food is best. Unprocessed food is best. And if you’re goal IS to lose weight…it’ll happen naturally when you eat healthier. But transitioning into eating healthier can definitely be overwhelming. Trust me…I’ve been there! And through my business, The Clean Kitchen NH, I offer one on one guidance!

Here are some reasons you may need my services:
•I want transition to a healthier lifestyle and change my eating habits, but I don’t know where to begin

•I don’t have the time or desire to count calories. I just want to be a happier, healthier “ME”.

•I’m in not interested in dieting. I need a lifestyle change.

•I need help staying on track and staying motivated.

•I don’t always have time to plan our weekly meals and create a shopping list.

•My weekdays are super busy and I want to learn how to plan my meals better and prep ahead for the week.

•I’m bored with my recipes and need new ones to help make eating clean exciting.

•I want to eat healthier, but i don’t know which brands are the healthiest

One of the biggest issues we face when trying to eat clean is the time and energy it takes to prepare and make good decisions. But being prepared and having a PLAN is crucial to being able to have success in your journey to clean eating…to feeling healthy…and being the best YOU. Once you learn and put the effort in, you’ll realize how wonderful it feels to take that stress out of your week. It takes time and it takes motivation, but anyone CAN do it. Contact me to set up an initial chat!

❤️ Fall in love with with taking care of yourself. Mind. Body. Spirit. ❤️