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The Blue Folder

I’m so excited to meet up with two different clients today to give them their menu plan folders! These folders include clean, healthy recipes, what they can prep ahead of time, and a shopping list of everything they need. But they are not all the same. All clients have different needs. Not only with food in general, but how they can approach transitioning to a healthy lifestyle. Some can jump right into a 30 day plan. Some want to start off with a week. And some want some recipe ideas, but they want to take it slower and only prep 2-3 meals for the week to start.
Life is not black and white. There’s no one way to do things. Just like there is no one “paleo”. For food and lifestyle, you need find what works for you. And I can help you do that! These are geared towards your individual needs and what you have time for. It’s to make life easier and less overwhelming. No thinking required. It’s there to show you healthy food can be exciting and taste amazing! It can be used as a jumpstart to healthy or maybe you already eat great, but need new and exciting recipe ideas 🙂
No matter what your needs, one thing holds true. If you want to eat healthier and you want to be able to stay on track, you need to have healthy ingredients on hand and you need to be prepared. Whether you’re preparing for one day or a week, having a plan is the key to success. It’s important to learn the process on how to do this. Once you’ve learned, you won’t be lost during weeks you don’t have time to be prepared.