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One-on-One Services Available!

Looking to transition into a healthier lifestyle and need support? A friend recently taught me about intuitive eating. And I realized I have been eating this way for years! I eat food that makes me feel good…food that makes me feel healthy and strong. It’s not always about one diet or one lifestyle. It’s about finding what works for “you”. Every body is different and I truly believe there is no one magic answer. Its also not always about losing weight. Its about how food makes you feel. Does it give you energy and health? Or does it make you feel tired? Maybe moody? Bloated? Upset belly? Maybe you don’t sleep well. Or maybe you’ve been suffering from inflammation. Believe it or not, food has an impact on all of this. I’ve learned over the past 7 years that food affects me in so many ways. And I’m still to this day learning and tweaking how I eat. But one thing I can say holds true no matter what…it’s a no brainier for everyone. “Real” food is best. Unprocessed food is best. And if you’re goal IS to lose weight…it’ll happen naturally. But transitioning into eating healthier can be extremely overwhelming. I’ve been there! And through my business, The Clean Kitchen NH, I’m excited to now offer one on one guidance! We can meet and review your goals. After that, some possible services include the following:
•Transitioning to the healthier lifestyle – what ingredients can you substitute for what you’re using now?
•Suggestions for a makeover of the ingredients in your pantry
•An assisted grocery shop to help find all these new ingredients…what are the cleanest brands?
•Learn how to menu plan
•Learn how to food prep
•Organize your eating for the week so you can stay on track
•Support through a whole30 or other challenge
•Recipe ideas
•Online “Spot Coaching”

I’m not a nutritionist, nor do I ever claim to be one. I’m a foodie who has been very in tune with my own health. My journey has taught me that you can be your own doctor just by listening to your body. Dialing in on how you feel. And it’s all about balance and figuring out what works for you. It’s not as hard as you think it is. You just have to commit. And if you want it that bad, you will commit.

Message me with any questions or to set up an initial meeting!

“Fall in love with taking care of yourself. Mind. Body. Spirit.”