Blog Post

Why am I here?

Lots of pictures and quotes keep showing up on my newsfeed. Time-hop pictures and memories of where I’ve been, what I’ve done, and where I am now. Quotes about following your journey, finding your path, finding what it is that makes you happy. It’s ironic how they constantly show up just at the right time. Right when you need them. They are signs…reminders of who you are.

Each “job” I’ve had has led me to something else. Yes, I’m a mom first. My most important job, btw. When I was in the financial world, I realized how much I hated sitting behind a desk at a computer all day. What I loved about that job was being in front of people, teaching people how insurance works. But after my financial world life, I found what my true passion is. It started with this picture below. Teaching Pilates. I loved being with these amazing ladies. I love helping them, I loved teaching them. I loved making a difference in their life. Doing that led me to also taking better care of myself. This pic was my last day of teaching Pilates and I don’t regret one day of that part of my life. Starting Crossfit was one of the best things I ever did. It made me a better person and a better mother. Not to mention its something I get to share with my husband. And some of the most amazing people have come into my life because of it. But what I missed just doing Crossfit was helping people.

This is what led me to Thai Yoga. Again…my passion for helping people, healing people…that’s what makes me happy. Although I never did this full time and still don’t practice as much, it’s something I love and continue to offer to any friends that ask.

Through all this, my passion for health and healthy eating has grown. It’s something I needed for me…figuring out how to feel good…how to be the best “me”. I wasn’t told by a doctor how to get rid of my chronic pain. I wasn’t told by a doctor how to have more energy, how to sleep better. It was years of trial and error. Figuring out what works for “me”. I was self-taught. It has taken years. You don’t need a “degree” or a “certification” to figure this out. Through my Happy Healings page, I’ve been able to share how I’ve done this, how I eat, how I stay on track, and of course how we can all get off track. Again…I get to help people feel better. It’s what I love to do.

My Happy Healings page then led me to The Clean Kitchen NH. This business allows me to help people eat better….eat healthier…eat cleaner. It makes peoples lives easier by having ready made meals available for them. And what a success this has be in such a short time!!! It makes me so happy and gives me so much satisfaction when my customers tell me how much they love the food and how they are able to stay on track because of “me”. Helping people brings me so much joy. But I know with this business something is still missing. What’s missing is talking to people….helping people one on one. I can’t do that cooking food day in and day out. Actually “being with people”….making a difference in someone’s life. This is what I really love! So, as I think about what I can do to change how I run my business, I get really excited about offering some new one and one and group services. Don’t worry, current customers. I’m not going to stop cooking for you just yet 😉. But thinking of the possibilities of other avenues makes me happy…puts a smile on my face. That’s when i know it’s what I need to do….that I’m doing the right thing.

Change is scary. Taking risks is scary. But, when I see “find your path” and “follow your journey”, I guess I’ve been doing it all along. Although some say I haven’t stuck with one thing, it’s not a bad thing. One journey has led to the other. And who knows when it will stop. But I sure am enjoying the ride and excited about future possibilities…whatever they may be. I’ve gained so many amazing friends on my journey. And I’ve also lost some. But whatever happens has always happened for a reason. And I feel so lucky and appreciate every little thing that has happened in my life. And I want to thank each and every person who I’ve come in contact with through this journey, as it’s the people you meet that also make a difference in your life.